About 'Slinger

'Slinger (named for the title character in Ed Dorn's epic poem Gunslinger) is the name of an automatic "poetry writing" program (written in Allegro Common-Lisp/CLOS).

I wrote the first version of 'Slinger around 1984 while working at Texas Instruments in Dallas (the outgrowth of some work I had done several years before in some random undergrad programming courses). Basically, each time I logged onto my machine (an old Symbolics 3600), Slinger woke up and greeted me with a poem. While I felt Slinger was reasonably interesting, I left TI a couple of years later and I never got around to resurrecting the program.

However the advent of the Net, it seemed to me, suggested new opportunities for Slinger. So, I felt it was time to pull him out, dust him off and let him play again.

An earlier "batch-y" version appeared a year or so back. The plan is to have an interactive version of Slinger; i.e. a version in which you "Click Here" and Slinger writes you your own personalized (not to mention unique) poem.

Unfortunately, my current situation precludes even a cgi-bin-based solution. So, I've finally gotten an Java Applet up and working.

So, take a peek and let me know what you think.

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