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The Monty Hall Problem

Miscellaneous word problems.

  1. "AEIOU" Words
    Most puzzlers know that "facetious" contains all five vowels in the correct order.

    Puzzle: List at least three more words with this feature.

    Extra Credit: List at least three more words, with all five vowels in reverse order.

  2. "E-I-E-I-O"
    In the spirit of the previous problem, can you name at least one word with which contains the vowels "e-i-e-i-o"?

  3. Consider the words "Bee" and "Tea". These words are homonyms (i.e. "sound like") letters in the English alphabet (i.e. "B" and "T").

    Now, consider the word "Eh". This word has the interesting feature that, while it is also a homonym for a letter in the English alphabet, "A", it does not, however, contain that letter.

    Puzzle: Find five other word/letter pairs with this property (i.e. the word is a homonym for the letter, but the word does not contain that letter).
    Once you have found the five words, arrange the five corresponding letters to form a common English word.

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