Planes, Stanleys and Others

Stanley Planes Model Reference

Association of PoleLathe Turners
Pole Lathe Turning/Greenwood Working

Russ Allen's
Jim Kingshott Shrine

    Folks with (so far as I know) no web-presence:

  • Roger Hanna [Contact information.]
    A source for all things having to do with Stanley 45's
    (and much to do with related planes.)
  • Paul J. Bordonaro [Contact information.]
    A great source for replacement totes and knobs for
    Stanley planes.
Source for Tools etc.
Galoot Links
Thomas Golding
Carving and Carving classes.
The Fletcher Farm School
Ray Bates, The British Clockmaker (Newfane, VT).
YesterMorrow Design/Build School
Classic Carving Patterns
A nice site for carving (has patterns available on-line).
Publishers and Catalogues

Willem Lange's Norm, You're Ruining My LIfe

  The Mysterious Stranger : Or A Day At The Auctions  

Sagas and other Miscellany

  A pair of Woodworking Planes  

  Various Gifts  

  A Galoot Production Run  

Personal Projects

Various Writings on Woodworking

Shakerbox Making
NLC and an Issac Newton Youngs Clock
Me with one of the
Issac Newton Youngs clocks,
at Hancock Shaker Village
(Click on the image for a larger view)

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