To A Frustrated Poet
    R.J. Ellmann

    This is to say
    I know
    You wish you were in the woods,
    Living the poet life,
    Not here at a formica topped table
    In a meeting about perceived inequalities in the benefits and allowances offered to
    employees of this college,
    And I too wish you were in the woods,
    Because it's no fun having a frustrated poet
    In the Dept. of Human Resources, believe me.
    In the poems of yours that I've read, you seem ever intelligent and decent and patient in a
    Not evident to us in this office,
    And so, knowing how poets can make a feast out of trouble,
    Raising flowers in a bed of drunkenness, divorce, despair,
    I give you this check representing two weeks' wages
    And ask you to clean out your desk today
    And go home
    And write a poem
    With a real frog in it
    And plums from the refrigerator,
    So sweet and so cold.

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