Hello my name is Asah cramer. i am 6 years old. i have a sister named Maera and i have a Mother and i call her mommy and i have a father and i him daddy. i have a good family Maera is 9 years old and daddy is 46 years old and mommy is 40 years old I love my family. want to hear a song i know? it called old macdonald i will sing it. Old macdonald had a farm eieio and on this farm it had a cow eieio with a moomoo Here and a moomoo there and a moomoo everywhere eieio. and that the way it go's. I had a pretty good life so far and i still have a good life. and i fotgot to said i live in Vermont brattleboro. my house is red and the inside is very very nice. ofcourse i like My house it very nice. it has two bedrooms and 1 liveingroom and one kitchen and one Diningroom and one office and one upstairs and 4 hallways and three bathrooms. The outside has trees and one sandbox and a clothlesreck and very very old picinc Bech. the land is a very nice land. i like my land that is because i said earlier that it Was a very nice land. and i fotgot to said i love horse's and pony's and unicorn's and Zebra's and all horse stuff. i know lot's of songs and do you want to hear aother song i Know? it's called abc and i will sing it and here's how it go's abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv Wxy and z. i like that song. do you like that song?


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