[Ex-]Vermont Antiquarian Booksellers Association WebSite

OK, so the story is this:

Over the years I've maintained a few bookstore-related webpages (see, for example my Cambridge&Boston Bookstores page). About four years ago, shortly after we moved to Vermont, I was at a local used bookstore and I came across a brochure for VABA. The first thing that came to mind was "You know, these folks could sure use a webpage". The phone numbers of the officers of VABA were on the back of the brochure, so when I got home I called the President of the Association, introduced myself and asked if they had a webpage. He said no, so I offered to scan in their brochure, create a page for them and host it on under my website. I explained that, of course, this would be at no charge to them: 1] I was simply a fan of old books and 2] maintaining such webpages was something of a hobby for me.

As a result I set up a well-received web-page for VABA and over the last few years I was directed to the appropriate people in the organization and obtained electronic-copies of the brochure for annual updates of the webpage (which, while still not exactly a trivial process, certainly beat OCR-scanning in the original brochure); responded to requests for updates and corrections in the brochure; etc. Like I said, this was basically a hobby for me, so no big problem. Eventually this URL was added to the back of the VABA brochure and started appearing in their print ads.

Anyway, last week I get a message from one of the officers of VABA to the effect of "Gosh, we don't know why you've got this page. After all we've got a real website now. So please turn yours off, or at least mark it Unofficial".

So, in short, if you want the "Official" VABA website now, you should go to http://www.valley.net/~vaba/.

(P.S If you see VABA, tell them I said "You're welcome"...)