Harry Potter Alum [HPA] Score

Just a time-killing trivia question while waiting for Deathly Hallows II to come out.

One side-effect of the success of the Harry Potter franchise is that it seems to have afforded a fair amount of (no doubt) much-needed funding to a sizable portion of the British acting community.

The flip side of this, of course, is that it's becoming increasingly common to see one --or, often, several-- HP-associated actors in a non-HP movie. (Quotes the 10-year old: "Wait, isn't that Snape? What's he doing here??")

Even something as random as Chicken Run (to pick a movie we happen to have watched this weekend) has three Harry Potter Alumns (let's call them HPAs):

  • Miranda Richardson/Rita Skeeter/Mrs. Tweedy
  • Timothy Spall/Wormtail/Nick (the Rat)
  • Imelda Staunton/Dolores Umbrage/Bunty

    So, the question becomes:
    What is the largest number of HPAs who appear together in a non-Harry Potter movie (call it the movie's HPA Score).

    The best I can do is movie with an HPA Score of 5.

    (My interest here is in actors, i.e. not random "crew" --unless of course someone can come up with a sufficiently interesting example).
    [For my best answer, see here].

    Extra Credit:
    Along these lines, here's a curiosity I stumbled across.

    Name a set of four actors who played:
    - a total of five roles in the Harry Potter movies
    - and a total of three roles in an unrelated, non-HP movie.
    [For my answer, see here].

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