Peter Barnes
Peter Barnes

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Peter Barnes has been playing piano, flute and assorted other instruments for traditional dancing since 1971. Kept busy almost every evening in Boston's vibrant dance scene, he has also been invited to most major contra, square, British Isles and vintage dance events throughout the United States, performing for dances and concerts, leading ensemble workshops, and generally acting in a crazy and often undignified manner. He has played for festivals and tours in England, France, Denmark, The Shetlands, Scotland and Czechoslovakia with the bands Bare Necessities, Yankee Ingenuity, Culchullan, Tulluchgorum, A Panel of Experts, and B.L.T. and has played with traditional greats such as Seamus Connolly, Joe Derrane, Alasdair Fraser, Rodney Miller, Seamus Egan and Joe Cormier.



Publications include English Country Dance Tunes, a widely used collection of English traditional dance music, A Little Couple Dancemusik, a collection of 400 traditional couple dance tunes, and Interview With A Vamper, an instruction book of dance-piano techniques.
Recordings include Kitchen Junket with Yankee Ingenuity, Bare Necessities, Airplang and Airplang II with Rodney Miller, BLT (Barnes, Lea & Tomczak), Heatin' Up The Hall with Yankee Ingenuity, Take A Dance and Night Cap with Bare Necessities, Soir et Matin with Kerry Elkin, Yankee Dreams with Frank Ferrell, Shape Shifting with Jeanne Morrill, Cascata de Lagrimas with Mary Lea, and Twelve-Gated City with Childsplay (among many others!).


Peter's books can be ordered by mail. Please send your order and a check (drawn on a United States Bank and made out to Peter Barnes) to:

Peter Barnes
10 Myrtle Street
Greenfield, Massachusetts
USA 01301

English Country Dance Tunes is $18.00 apiece plus $1.75 for postage (Fourth Class).
A Little CoupleDancemusik is $22.00 each plus $2.25 postage (it's a heavy book).
Interview With a Vamper is $17.50 per book plus $1.75 postage (price may increase when Anne Rice's lawyers get after Peter for making fun of her bestseller's title).

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