The Unofficial Guide to Beating Debt

by Greg Pahl

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Unofficial Guide to Beating Debt
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Introduction excerpt
Read an excerpt from the Introduction to The Unofficial Guide to Beating Debt.

Table of contents
See what this compehensive book has to offer.

Chapter excerpt
Read an excerpt from Chapter 3, Protecting Yourself and Your Credit fromThe Unofficial Guide to Beating Debt.

Cyberdebt links
Check out some of the best debt management web sites, as chosen by the author of The Unofficial Guide to Beating Debt.

Meet Greg Pahl
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Debt and credit tips
A sampling of some of the best ideas from the book on how to deal effectively with your debt and credit problems.

What people are saying about this book:

"The Unofficial Guide to Beating Debt is, without a doubt, the perfect gift for anyone graduating from college.... Surveys show that few are graduating without carrying enormous debts--the average student loan upon graduation is somewhere around $16,000--and few understand exactly what being in debt means.

Fortunately, Greg Pahl, a practical down-to-earth fellow...has written a guide to getting out of debt that's just as practical and down-to-earth as he is. Spiced with Greg's own particular dry humor, The Unofficial Guide to Beating Debt is clearly written and organized into 17 chapters that cover getting in over your head, knowing when it's time to take action, dealing with creditors, figuring out where to go for help, repairing your credit report, and reestablishing credit--or as Greg calls it, "Up from the Ashes."

The book is also loaded with practical, money-saving tips and strategies for dealing with everything from banks to the IRS. It's a solid reference work, but special sections dealing with "credit problem psychology"--accepting responsibility for your debts, understanding what motivates bad spending, dealing with anxiety--as well as "Escape from Affluenza," "Downshifting," "Voluntary Simplicity," and "The New American Dream" take this book out of the formulaic self-help genre and lift it into a category all its own."

Ellen Michaud
Book Review Editor
Friends Journal

"The most painless ways of breaking free from financial bondage."

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