General Information

Exotica and Boxing Website is a subsidiary of Exotica and Boxing Magazine.

Exotica and Boxing Magazine is a flimsy paper thing that couldn't hold a candle to a traditional website during power outage. The Magazine itself focuses on two highly esoteric subjects: 1) Exotica music and 2) Boxing. Every issue includes articles about boxers, boxing stats, exotica, music reviews, movie reviews, miscellaneous tidbits, and more. The writing ranges from the absurd to the highly poignant. For those of you who are still saying "What and Boxing!???" it's obvious that you've missed the point. I won't even attempt to enlighten you.

Our highly accredited staff consists of:
Marco "Jazz Monster" Panella, co-editor
Joe "Kasparov" Weisenthal, co-editor
Prentiss "Richardson" Smith, layout editor
Gabe "Meow" Greenberg, director of technological affairs

If you are interested in contributing to our magazine or just want to communicate with us, you may contact us.

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