Early American Tower Clocks (Section II)
Tower Clock Installations

Section II
City		State		Clock?		Building		Date
Benjamin Hill, Jr. Clocks
Reading PA N Courthouse 184?
Benjamin Franklin Willard Clocks
Falmouth MA ? First Congregational Church 1840 (Signed B. F. Wllard)
The J. J. Beals Clock Establishment Clocks
Boston MA N Company Building 1841
Aaron L. Dennison Clocks
Shepardstown WV Y McMurran Hall, Shepardstown College1842
The Verdin Company Clocks
Cincinnati OH Y (Mus.) St. Mary's Church 1842
Smith's Clock Establishment Clocks
Hartford CT -- Center Church -- Hartford CT N State House 1848 Natchez MS Y First Presbyterian Church 1842 Canandaigua NY Y Courthouse 1850 Reading PA -- CourthOuse 1851
Edward Howard Clocks
Bucksport ME Y Franklin Street Methodist Church1843 There are so many Howard tower clock installations--worldwide--in various places that their
installation locations will be treated elsewhere.
The Howard Records
Hiram Todd Dewey Clocks
Lebanon OH Y (Mus.) Methodist Church 1843
Henry A. Hopkins Clocks
Prattsburg NY N Academy 1845 Prattsburg NY N Academy (replacement for above) 1852
Phillip, Adam Edward, & George J Hoffmann Clocks
AL through IN -- KS through MO -- MT through PA -- RI through WY

Dadeville	AL	--	LaFayette County Courthouse		--

Malvern		AR	--	Hot Springs County Courthouse		--
Newport		AR	--	Jackson County Courthouse		--
Walnut Ridge	AR	--	Lawrence County Courthouse		--

Denver		CO	--	Denver Evening Post Building		--
Denver		CO	--	St. Elizabeth Church			--

Nashville	GA	--	Berrien County Courthouse		--

Alton		IA	--	St. Mary's Church (8 dials)		--
LeMars		IA	--	St. Joseph Church			--
New Vienna	IA	--	St. Boniface Church			--
Roselle		IA	--	Holy Angel Church			--

Alton		IL	--	Immaculate Conception Church		--
Alton		IL	--	Alton Banking & Trust Co.		--
Alton		IL	--	St. Mary's Church			--
Aviston		IL	--	St. Francis of Assisi Church		1887
Bartelso	IL	--	St. Cecilia's Church			--
Beardstown	IL	--	National Bank				--
Breese		IL	--	St. Dominicus Church			--
Cairo		IL	--	St. Patrick's Church			--
Carlyle		IL	--	Immaculate Conception Church		--
Charleston	IL	--	Coles County Courthouse			1902
Fayetteville	IL	--	St. Poncratius Church			--
Freeburg	IL	--	St. Joseph's Church			--
Freeport	IL	--	St. Joseph's Church 327			--
Galva		IL	--	Swedish Lutheran Church			--
Germantown	IL	--	St. Boniface Church			--
Greenfield	IL	--	High School				--
Highland	IL	--	St. Paul's Church			--
Joliet		IL	--	St. John The Baptist Church, O.F.M.	--
Naperville	IL	--	SS. Peter & Paul Church			--
New Baden	IL	--	St. George Church			--
Peoria		IL	--	St. Joseph's Church			--
Quincy		IL	--	St. Boniface Church			--
Quincy		IL	--	St. Franciscan Convent & College	--
Quincy		IL	--	St. Francis Solanis Church, O.F.M.	--
Raymond		IL	--	St. Raymond's Church			--
Siegel		IL	--	St. Michael's Church			--
Springfield	IL	--	Sacred Heart Church			--
St. Louis	IL	--	Holy Trinity Church (6 dials)		--
St. Libory	IL	--	St. Libory's Church			--
Streator	IL	--	St. Anthony's Church (8 dials)		--
Teutopolis	IL	--	St. Francis Church			1886 ($750)
Trenton		IL	--	St. Mary's Church			1902
Trenton		IL	--	St. Mary's Church			--
Waterloo	IL	--	SS. Peter & Paul Church			--
White Hall	IL	--	Christian Church			--

Haubstadt	IN	--	SS. Peter & Paul Church			--
Jasper		IN	--	St. Joseph's Church			1903
Logansport	IN	--	St. Joseph's Church			--
St. Wendel	IN	--	St. Wendel's Church			--

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Topeka		KS	Y	St. Joseph's Church (8 dials)		1905

Hazard		KY	--	Perry County Courthouse			--
Louisville	KY	--	St. Boniface Church, O.F.M.		--

Alexandria	LA	--	St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral		--

Belle Plains	MN	--	SS Peter & Paul Church, O.F.M.		--
Cold Spring	MN	--	St. Boniface Church			--
Collegeville	MN	-- St. John's Abbey, O.S.B., & College Church 8D--
Fairfax		MN	--	Lutheran Church				--
Freeport	MN	--	Sacred Heart Church			--
Minneapolis	MN	--	Shoe Mart Store				--
New Prague	MN	--	St. Wenzeslaus Church			--
Richmond	MN	--	SS. Peter & Paul Church			--
Young America	MN	--	Lutheran Church				--

Augusta		MO	--	Evangelic Ebenezer Church		--
Berger		MO	--	Evang. St. Johannes Gemeinde		--
Cape Girardeau	MO	--	Missouri State Normal School		--
Chamois		MO	--	High School				--
Charleston	MO	--	Mississippi County Courthose		--
Concordia	MO	--	Protestant Church			1894
Edina		MO	--	St. Joseph's Church			--
Florissant	MO	--	Sacred Heart Church			--
Herman		MO	--	High School				1890
Jefferson City	MO	--	St. Peter's Church			--
Josephsville	MO	--	St. Joseph's Church			--
Marthasville	MO	--	Emmaus Asylums				--
Memphis		MO	--	Scotland County Courthouse		--
Morison		MO	--	Assumption Church, O.F.M.		--
Rich Fountain	MO	--	Sacred Heart Church			--
Sedalia		MO	--	Pettis County Courthouse		--
St. Charles	MO	--	St. Charles' Church, S.J.		--
St. Louis	MO	--	A. Moll Grocery Store			--
St. Louis	MO	--	Protestant Seminary			--
St. Louis	MO	--	Benton-Bellefontaine R.R. Co.		--
St. Louis	MO	--	Anheuser-Busch Corporation		--
St. Louis	MO	--	St. Francis Xavier's Church, S.J.	--
St. Louis	MO	--	Evag. Bethlehem Lutheran Church		--
St. Louis	MO	--	Friedman's Shoe Factory			--
St. Louis	MO	--	St. Agatha's Church			--
St. Peters	MO	--	All Saints Church			--
St. Louis	MO	--	Globe Shoe & Clothing Co.		--
St. Louis	MO	--	Engine House No. 22			--
St. Louis	MO	--	Eden Seminary				--
St. Louis	MO	--	Our Lady of Perpetual Succor Church	--
St. Louis	MO	--	St. Joseph's Convent			--
St. Louis	MO	--	Mermod-Jaccard Jewelery Co.		--
St. Louis	MO	--	F. W. Drosten Jewelery Co.		--
St. Louis	MO	--	St. Liborious' Church			--
St. Louis	MO	--	Pilgrim Congregational Church		--
St. Louis	MO	--	St. Louis University & College Church	--
St. Louis	MO	--	Protestant Orphan Home			--
St. Louis	MO	--	St. Joseph's Church			1847
St. Louis	MO	--	J. Bolland Jewelry Co.			--
St. Louis	MO	--	Northwestern St.L.R.R. Co.		--
St. Louis C'ty	MO	--	August Busch, Grant Farm		--
St. Marys	MO	--	Immaculate Conception			--
St. Thomas	MO	--	St. Thomas Church			--
Ste. Genevieve	MO	--	Ste. Genevieve Church			--
Tipton		MO	--	St. Andrew's Church			--
Valley Park	MO	--	Sacred Heart Church			--
Warrensburg	MO	--	Johnson County Courthouse		1898
Washington	MO	--	St. Franz Borgia's Church		--
Weingarten	MO	--	Church of Our Lady of Help		--
Westphalia	MO	--	St. Joseph's Church			--

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Fayette		MS	--	Jefferson County courthouse		--
Macon		MS	--	Noxubee County Courthouse		--

Auburn		NE	--	St. Joseph's Church			--
Falls City	NE	--	St. Francis Xavier Church		--
Humphrey	NE	--	St. Francis' Church, O.F.M.		--
Madison		NE	--	St. Leonard's Church (G. Hoffman)	1914
Monterey	NE	--	St. Boniface Church			--

Jersey City	NJ	--	St. Paul's Church			--

Buffalo		NY	--	St. Stanislaus' Church (8 dials)	--

Cleveland	OH	--	B. Mahler's Business Block, Clock Tower	--
Dayton		OH	--	St. Mary's Church			--

Hugo		OK	--	Frisco Passenger Depot			--
Oklahoma City	OK	--	Live Stock Exchange Building		--

Mt. Angel	OR	--	St. Mary's Church			--

McKees' Rock	PA	--	St. Mary's Church			--

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Gainsboro	TN	--	Jackson County Courthouse		--
Rutledge	TN	--	Granger County Courthouse		--
Trenton		TN	Elec.	Gibson County Courthouse		--
Union City	TN	--	High School				--
Wartburg	TN	--	Morgan County Courthouse		--

Corn Hill	TX	--	Holy Trinity Church			--
Fredericksburg	TX	--	Immaculate Conception Church		--
New Braunfels	TX	--	SS. Peter & Paul Church			--

Medford		WI?		Courthouse				1913
Johnson Creek	WI	--	Lutheran Church				--
Reedsburg	WI	--	St. Peter's German Luth. Church		--

Elizabeth	WV	N	Wirt County Courthouse			--
Logan		WV	N	Logan County Courthouse			--
New MartinsvilleWV	N	Wetzel County Courthouse		--

Stephenson, Howard & Davis Clocks
Manchester NH Y Municipal Offices 1845 Richmond ME Y Church 1846 Ashby MA Y First Parish Church 1846
Abel Stowell, Jr. Clocks
Roxbury VT Y Historical Society 1845 Dorchester MA Y Second Parish Congregational Church1852
James Rogers Clocks
New York NY N Trinity Church 1846
John Douglas(s) Clocks
Durham CT Y Fourth Meeting House 1847 Milford CT Y First Church 1849
Jehiel Clark, Jr. Clocks
Delphi Falls NY Y Baptist Church 1847 Gilbertsville NY Y Grange Hall 184?? Morris NY N Town Clock 1849 Hamilton NY N Church 184?? Salina NY N Town Clock 1837 ($300)
Howard & Davis Clocks
Arlington MA Y (Mod. 1)-- -- Homer NY Y (Mod. 1)-- -- The Models 1 and 2 by Howard & Davis are the precursors of the Howard clocks installed
all over the country in vast numbers. The Howard installations are treated elsewhere.
The Howard Records
Joseph R. Brown Clocks
Warren RI Y Town Clock 1849 Newport RI Y Old Colony House 1853 (See also David Brown clocks above.)
Hopkins, Wright & Millard Clocks
Oxford NY N Unknown 1850 DeRuyter NY N Union Church 1850 DeRuyter NY N Deruyter Academy 1850
Sherry & Byram Clocks
See also: Byram Clocks
Austin Van Riper Clocks
See Jehiel Clark, Jr. for Van Riper installations of Clark pattern clocks. Cooperstown NY Y -- 1850 Saratoga SpringsNY -- 1854 Nashville TN -- Howard School 1854 Nashville TN -- Court House 1860 Saratoga SpringsNY -- -- 1855 Cazenovia NY Y Methodist Episcopal Church 1874 Rushford NY N Rushford Baptist Church -- Randolph VT Y Federated Church 1974* Kalamazoo MI Y (Coll.) First Baptist Church -- (The original installation location of this clock is unknown.) * This clock is now in a private collection.
Reeve & Co. Clocks
Morristown NJ Y -- 1852 Essex CT Y -- -- Reading PA Y Town Clock 1853 Marietta PA Y -- 1853 Jonesboro TN Y -- -- Fayetteville NC Y -- -- South Bend IN Y -- -- Fredericksburg VA Y -- -- St. Johnsbury VT Y South Congregational Church 1852 Canandaigua NY Y City Hall 1867 Ottawa Canada Y -- -- Nyack NY Y Dutch Reform Church -- (This last clock is in a private collection in Houston, TX.) Some of these clocks may carry the name "S. Penfield" on the setting dial. Penfield was not a maker, but an installer in the manner of Thomas I. Bailey(q.v.).
H. Sperry & Co. Clocks
New York NY Y Rutgers Street Church 1850 (now St. Teresa's) Brooklyn NY -- City Hall 1851 New York NY -- St. George's Church 1857 New York NY -- The Brick Church 1859 Tarrytown NY Y Church (Rebuilt by Seth Thomas) 1855 Yanceyville NC Y Caswell County Courthouse --
David M. Anderson Clocks
Honey Brook PA Y Presbyterian Church 1850
Almon Thwing Clocks
Weyland MA N First Church (Unitarian) 1851
Julius Sharpe Clocks
Newport RI Y Colony House 1853 See also: Joseph R. Brown Clocks
Thomas I. Bailey Clocks
Bailey was not a maker. However, he installed at least six tower clocks in southern
cities. He occasionally had his own name engraved on the setting dial.
John Stokell Clocks
New York NY Y Marble Collegiate Church 1855 (Clock is likely of English origin.)
Aaron Dodd Crane Clocks
See Turret & Marine (below) and George M. Stevens Tower Clock installations.
Milton Card Clocks
See Stone & Marshall
John Stone Clocks
See Stone & Marshall
Turret & Marine Tower Clock Co. Clocks
Acton MA Y Town Hall 1864 Centerville MA N No trace. Hudson MA Lee MA -- -- Kennebunk ME -- -- Saco ME Y Town Hall 1900 Manchester CT -- -- Phenix RI -- -- Milton VT N Church 1868 Windham NY Y -- Stow MA Y United Church 1869
Moody Haskell Clocks
Burlington VT N Unitarian Church --
Collins Stevens Clocks
Originally a partner in the Turret & Marine Clock Co., later formed the Turret Clock Co. and eventually the George M. Stevens & Co. tower clock business.
Turret Clock Co. Clocks
See Turret & Marine Tower Clock Co., and Collins Stevens, supra.
Louis Spellier Clocks
Doylestown PA N Bucks County Courthouse 1870 (Historical Society Collection)
George A. Jones Clocks
Jones was at work 1870 - 73. One tower clock survives, now in a private collection.
Seth Thomas Clocks
Seth Thomas bought out A. S. Hotchkiss (q.v.) in about 1872. Due to the
thousands of clocks installed by this company, the records will be treated

Seth Thomas Locale Records

Seth Thomas Installations
Stone & Marshall Clocks
-- AL ? -- CA ? -- MI ? Cazenovia NY Y Town Clock 1874 (1862) (Cazenovia Methodist Church, 1862, built by Stone & Marshall, originally
installed in old stone church, moved to new brick church 1874.) Peterboro NY Y -- 1871 Peterboro NY Y -- 193? Smithfield NY N Presbyterian Church 1981 (Replaced by a Stone & Marshall clock found in storage in Cazenovia.) Columbia PA Y Original location unknown. Now in NAWCC Museum. Jamestown TN ? Possibly stolen Murfreesboro TN Y County Courthouse 1859 -- TN ? See also Van Riper Installations.
George M. Stevens Clocks
Due to the many different models of and the large number of Stevens installations,
the listing will be posted elsewhere.Stevens Installations
Alonzo Taylor Clocks
Farmington CT Y -- -- Pike NY Y -- -- Warsaw NY Y -- --
Andrew S. Hotchkiss Clocks
New York NY N St. George's Episcopal Church 1859 New York NY N City Hall 1860-61 Rock Island IL Y U. S. Army Arsenal 1867 Cumberland MD Y First Christian Church 1869? Hotchkiss sold his firm to Seth Thomas ca. 1872. Many Seth Thomas-credited
installations are actually A.S. Hotchkiss clocks claimed by Seth Thomas.
Charles Dunster (Dempster) Clocks
Alliance OH N Mount Union College 1868 (Chapman Hall)
George Michael Deuble Clocks
Canton OH N Courthouse 1868
Charles Fasoldt Clocks
-- NY ? New York, NY N Manhattan Market; 8-dial 1870's*** Albany, NY Y Martin Hall 1871** Seneca Falls, NY Y Phoenix Block 1871** Newburgh, NY Y Union Presbyterian Church; 3-train1872 (now Ebenezer Baptist Church) Philadelphia PA Y 1876 Centennial Exposition 1876 Cedar Falls, IA Y University of Northern Iowa 1925* Now in the University Museum * This clock is the one exhibited at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition.
It was given to the University by Dudley Fasoldt, Charles Fasoldt's grandson, in 1925. ** These two clocks are both in a private collection. *** The Market burned 10 years after its construction. Two tower clocks, one an astronomical clock, are recorded in a transcription of
Fasoldt's sales journal, 1861-1872. Their installation locations and current
status are unknown.
End of Section II.

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