MOSFET Modeling with SPICE - Principles and Practice

Table of Contents

I. Background

1. SPICE Modeling and the Dominance of CMOS Technology
2. The Formalism of Model Building
3. A Brief Synopsis of Semiconductor Device Physics
4. A Comparison of Analytical and Numerical Results

II. First Generation FET Models

5. Level 1
6. Level 2
7. Level 3

III. Second Generation FET Models

9. HSPICE level 28
10. BSIM2

IV. Third Generation FET Models

11. BSIM3
12. MOS Model 9

V. Implementing FET Models for Circuit Design

13. The Active Device Capacitance
14. Accounting for Systematic Process Variations
15. Circuit Level Correlation of Models and Hardware

VI. Final Analysis and Future Directions

16. New Model Candidates
17. The Future of Device Models for Circuit Simulation