MOSFET Modeling with SPICE - Principles and Practice

Brief description

This text describes in detail the MOSFET models used within the SPICE circuit simulator. Particular attention is given to discussing the physical origins of the various models, their implementation in SPICE, and approaches that can be taken to extract model parameters. In addition, the text concentrates on clearly identifying the primary literature sources of these models, and discusses the modifications made to them for inclusion in SPICE. Finally, the text clearly describes the strengths and weaknesses of the various models, recommending strategies which will allow the reader to select the most suitable model for a particular application.

Outstanding Features

This text has a number of outstanding features:


The text includes worked examples of parameter extraction and model development for each particular type of model, along with demonstrations of the limits of the validity of each model. A complete bibliography containing references to all the relevent technical journal articles used in developing each model is included.


Due to its broad and comprehensive coverage, this text is of great interest to practicing engineers and managers throughout the semiconductor industry, as well as to students in electrical engineering and solid state physics. Its main intent it to be a comprehensive reference for practitioners in the field, and as a text for self-study and professional training classes; its goal is to provide complete information to those wishing to enter the field, and to those who wish to upgrade their knowledge of the subject. The intent is to be comprehensive and rigorous, while not spending an inordinate amount of time on basic physics.