The SPICE FET Models: Pitfalls and Prospects

(Are you an educated model consumer?)

The 33rd Design Automation Conference
Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
5 June 1996
8:30 - 10 am

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On June 5th, 1996, Daniel Foty, the President of Gilgamesh Associates, presented "The SPICE FET Models: Pitfalls and Prospects" at the 33rd Design Automation Conference (DAC), in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This class was targetted at the circuit design user of SPICE FET models, and was intended to improve the level of understanding of the FET models employed in SPICE, along with raising the effectiveness of CMOS circuit design. Attendees were treated to a practical discussion of the various issues that arise in analytical FET models, potential circuit design pitfalls due to inherent model shortcomings, and the suitability of models for various types of circuit design (e.g., digital design vs. analog design).

Topics which were covered included:

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