Gilgamesh Associates

Are you fed up with models you can't trust? Bedeviled by model discontinuities? Trying to do an analog design with old "good enough for digital" models? Wish you knew more about those models that you're relying on to make your designs work? Don't despair!! Call the model doctors at Gilgamesh Associates!


Gilgamesh Associates is a consulting and research firm, specializing in the proper construction and implementation of SPICE FET models for use in CMOS circuit design and simulation. Our main customer base continues to be fabless design companies who are not happy with the models provided by their foundries. Are your models all that they should be? Get in touch with us - we can make things better. After all, they're your designs! Don't they deserve to be done with good MOS models?

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In addition to our support of all popular types of MOS models, Gilgamesh Associates now supports the relatively new EKV model. This model is particularly suited to analog design needs and analog design practices. It should be noted that this model is now available in all common circuit simulators, including HSPICE, ELDO, and SPECTRE. Watch this space for more exciting news in the near future! The official home page for the latest news on the EKV model can be reached here.

MOSFET Modeling with SPICE - Principles and Practice

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