Cliff's Memorabilia Page

Cliff's Memorabilia Page


I'm not certain if the first couple are yearbooks or programs but I think there might not have been a distinction back then. (Research needed!)


Here's an actual quote from this one:

"Madison Square Garden is completely fireproof and does not contain a single piece of lumber!"

On the page directly opposite this introduction to Madison Square Garden is a picture of His Honor The Mayor, Jimmy Walker. Lookin' good Jimmy.

1946-47 1954-55 1976-77

1989-90 1998-99 1999-00

2000-01 2002-03


I actually have many, many more programs, especially from the late 70's, early 80's and of the modern era but I'm only posting the more interesting ones here. For contrast I've posted a recent program.

Jan-28-1962 Dec-64 Dec-17-69

1973-74 Dec-31-78 1979 Playoffs
1986 Playoffs 1994 Stanley Cup Mar-10-03


Okay, now for the fun stuff.

Mike Dunham Signed, Game Used Stick

This looks to be a Devil's era stick for Dunham.

Dan Cloutier Signed, Game Used Stick

This is a Ranger's era stick for Cloutier. That is not my apartment. My digital camera i out of comission right now so these shots are from the auction I won.

Dale Purinton Game Worn Skates

These are certified by MeiGray, one of the most trusted memorabilia dealers.

Again, when I get my camera up and running I'll have better pictures. You wouldn't believe how torn up the front of these skates are.

Old Ticket

As can be seen, this is an employee ticket from 1968. This was the last season at the old Garden.

Diamond Matchbooks

1934-35 Cecil Dillon 1935-36 Ott Heller

Photo of Lester Patrick

An actual photo of Lester Patrick taken from someone's album.


I experimented with scanning my pucks but it failed miserably. You'll have to wait for the camera to get pictures of these. I keep my pucks in Ultra-Pro lucite puck and card holders and try to pick a card that best matches the puck in terms of jersey being worn and color scheme.

  • Matt Barnaby signed Rochester Americans puck
  • Matt Barnaby signed Tampa Bay Lightening puck
  • Dale Purinton signed NYR puck
  • Ed Giacomin signed NYR puck
  • Dan Blackburn signed NYR puck
  • Tom Poti signed 2003 All Star Game Puck
  • Jamie Lundmark signed Hartford Wolfpack puck
  • Garth Murray signed, game used Hartford Wolfpack puck
  • Richard Scott signed blank puck


I have a fairly massive collection of Rangers cards. For Sanity's sake, I'll only be posting the oldest cards for now but will gradually make may way forward through the 60's at least.

In addition to the cards here, I have hundreds of chase cards, signed cards, memorabilia cards and four 3" D-ring binders full of commons, no two alike.

I've tried to keep the relative scale of these cards approximately accurate but wasn't exact about it.

1933-34 Ice Kings Bill Cook

1933-34 Canadian Gum Bun Cook

1951-52 Parkhurst Don "Bones" Raleigh and Allan Stanley

I currently have 11 out of the 17 Ranger cards from this first Parkhurst set. I'll be posting pictures of the others at a later date.

1952-53 Parkhurst Leo Reise. This card is in beautiful condition.

1954-55 Topps Harry Howell. This was the first set Topps ever put out and I have a few others in my collection but this is my favorite. Also a beautiful card.

1957-58 Topps Bill Gadsby. Skipping ahead in my collection a little just because this is such a beautiful card.


I have the following books on the Rangers:

  • "A Year On The Ice," Gerald Eskenazi. 1970. 'Great book following the '69-70 season.

  • "When The Rangers Were Young," Frank Boucher with Trent Frayne. 1973. My favorite Rangers book.

  • "Vic Hadfield's Diary," Vic Hadfield with Tim Moriarty. 1974. Diary of the 72-73 season.

  • "New York Rangers: The Icemen Cometh," Stan Fischler with photos by Melchior DiGiacomo. 1974.

  • "Losing The Edge:The Rise and Fall of The Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers," Barry Meisel. 1995

  • "The New York Rangers: Broadway's Longest Running Hit," John Kreiser & Lou Friedman. 1996

  • "New York Rangers: Millenium Memories," Daily News. Autographed byPavel Bure, Glen Sather, Petr Nedved, Dale Purinton, Matthew Barnaby, Tom Poti, Nick Foitu, Dan Blackburn, Jamie Lundmark, Sandy McCarthy, Sylvain LeFebvre, Thomas Kloucek, Garth Murray, Krysztof Oliwa, Dixon Ward, Jef State, Niklas Sundberg and Chris St Jacques.

  • "New York Rangers: Seventy-Five Years," John Halligan. 2000. Limited Slipcase Edition, Autographed by Ed Giacomin, Rod Gilbert, Mark Messier and Murray Murdoch.

  • "New York Rangers: Seventy-Five Years," John Halligan. 2000. Regular Edition.

  • "Nightmare on 33rd Street: A Long Season With the N. Y. Rangers," Rick Capinielo. 2001. Worst Ranger book ever.

  • "Tales From The Rangers Locker Room," Gilles Villemure & Mike Shalin. 2002.