Cliff's New York Rangers Page

Cliff's New York Rangers Page

This is my infrequently Rangers fan site spotlighting photos of my favoite players as well as my memorabilia collection. For now it's just me playing around with graphics, backgrounds and crap. As you can tell, I don't like breaking things up into pages because I'm a dick like that. This page will be remain highly uninformative.

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Colin Rides The Zamboni!

Click on the picture above for pictures of Colin's ride on the Zamboni. I was very happy that he managed to get the Budlight Zamboni. Who the hell wants to ride on the ReMax Zamboni?


Click on the ticket above for my memorabilia page.

The Fly Line

How about a tribute to one of my favorite lines -- the FLY line.

Whoops -- wrong 'L' there. That should be:

Fluery Lindros York

Hell yeah baby!

Lindros tells Fleury what the weather is like up where he is.

The Bread Line

I made a special page to pay tribute to the classic "Bread Line" of Bill Cook, Frank Boucher and Bun Cook.

Click here to see it.

The Thin Red Line

Colin and Me. Tony Amonte.

Beach hockey is often scorned by purists but has a growing fan base. Our aversion to sunscreen and the fact that Colin and I together add up to less than Amonte prompted reporters to dub this 'The Thin Red Line.'

Here's a tribute to one of my favorite players -- Matthew Barnaby

Nice one Here's Barnaby and Lindros Mixing it up together

Funniest fight ever. 2 minutes of Barnaby
dragging Doig around the boards, popping him
in the head while jawing with Holik and laughing.
Brashear gets bitch slapped.

The beauty of it is that Barnaby can score too.
A nice one on Aubin. And another on Theodore.

Here's one of me and Barnaby at the 2002 training camp in Burlington. It's hard to look cool standing next to one of your favorite players. (Not to mention I was in serious need of a haircut.) Barnaby is a great guy and extremely friendly with his fans.

In March of 2004 I got a chance to interview Matt for That interview can be found here. The first half of the interview are questions from Bird, the second half from me.

Here's one of Purinton and Barnaby going at it before Barnaby came to the Rangers. Which is a nice lead-in to my section on Purinton...

Purinton is turning into a really solid defenseman and is even developing a great shot from the point but he's primarily known for his fighting ability. While no longer a one dimentional player, the best photos of him are those in which he is beating the crap out of somebody.
No Fear against Domi. Not a good day to be Ciccone.

Ah ha ha!!! Someone needs to make a trading card set of Dale crushing every
player on the devils.

Does it get any better? I submit that it does not.

Me and Dale at the 2002 training camp in Burlington. Like Barnaby, Dale is an extremely nice guy. Very willing to chat with his fans, sign autographs, pose for photos, etc. Can I tell you though, his knuckles were literally flayed.

Goalie section baby! This will improve as I hunt down better pictures. For now I'm just throwing up the ones I have.


Making a save in his 1st win. Ribero denied.

Mike "The Dude" Dunham

Not bad for a stoned guy. Nap time.


Great shot. Denied.

Don't know where the puck is but it's a good picture. Get the fuck out of my crease Morozov.


Snag. Nice sprawling shot.

I know that looks like it's going in, but it's not. I'll take that, thank you.

I don't care if you are on dial up. If you are a Ranger fan you WILL click here for the classic Cloutier/Salo fight.

And, while I had intended only to show players in their Rangers uniforms on this site, this one is just too good not to share:


I'm pretty sure the rules prohibit this. This picture is grainy so you know it's old school.

Beezer performs an exorcism of his crease


Jesus, he looks like a serial killer in this picture. Some chianti to go with that liver Mr. Davidson?.


Pucks to the face? No, it doesn't bother me. Then again...

While I continue to work on this page, here are some random photos for you to enjoy left over from an older site I had. Eventually there will be better pictures and they'll be organized in some fashion.