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Vermont Folk Art on Old Reclaimed Windows

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I am fortunate to live on what for more than a hundred years was a working dairy farm located in a quiet rural area of Vermont away form the hurried pace of the city.
I am surrounded by many pets that still have the freedom to roam and explore. I love antiques, historic architecture and the history they represent. 

They tell of a simpler uncomplicated time. With the modernization of many historic homes many of the old original windows have been lost for newer more efficient. These wonderful pieces of history are discarded and sent to the local landfill. For every one that has been saved, I clean and restore  it without removing the many layers of multi colored paint that has sometimes crackled from age over the years.

This window with its many layers, panes and old glass is the focal part of my art. On the back I reverse paint primitive folk art scenes that depict a simpler time. 

"My hope is when you view my world through this window you sense those earlier times and appreciate having saved a small piece of history".

All my window art is artist signed. Though sometimes similar, no two pieces are the same each one is original. Although most of the window art displayed has sold variations can be commissioned. Inquire about custom window art  at jackie@buckhollow.com
Thanks for looking.
Jacquie Schwartz


Halloween Headless Horseman Sailing Home  
A small one pane window with a silhouette scene of the headless horseman.  A four pane old window with wavy glass depicts mountains and fall foliage, a barn with a colonial flag, horses grazing in the pasture as a curious cow  peers over the fence. .


Price: $ 255  
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Vermont Country Memories Land of Golden Corn Buck Hollow Farm
A large 6 pane old window with original wavy glass was used for this piece. It was a wedding gift for a couple in Arkansas with roots in Vermont. The background is their Vermont home and their family dog and cats in the front 3 panes. A cow with a rooster on his back stands in front of a fence with the gate of an American flag. Rolling fields of corn and a red barn are the backdrop. An old six pane window with original paint depicts Buck Hollow Farm with the inn, Lake Champlain, the Green Mountains and the Buck Hollow pasture with grazing horses. In the front panes are Utah the Springer Spaniel, Kuumba our cat and Gizmo with a blue bird on top of his head.




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Shabby Sheep Sandy Beaches & Lighthouses Morning Revelry
"Shabby Sheep" on a 3 pane old window with a background of old wallpaper. Sandy beaches with sailboats, lighthouses and cottages by the sea.  " Morning Reveille " An old six pane window with original paint depicts a farm scene with roosters in the forefront.


Price: $ 275 Price: $255
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Cottages on the Lake Farm Friends Vermont Covered Bridge
A lazy summer day in cottage country. Colorful houses with white picket fences, a lighthouse and boats floating by. A quintessential country farm scene with a horse, a rooster perched on a bale of hay in front of Bessie the cow. The background are country homes, with quilts hanging and crops growing in the fields. Vermont is known for it's many covered bridges. A barn with cows in front, a horse grazing in the pasture as the calming waters rush by.
Price: $ 255Price: $ 275  Price: $ 225    SOLD
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Harbor Scene Sailing Home Patriotic Sheep
Three cats stare into the window while crows are perched in a tree above. Country houses are in the background bordered on the lake with sailboats.   On shore rows of colorful houses are the backdrop to multi colored sailboats sailing in the warm tropical water. An old four pane window with original paint depicts a fall scene with two patriotic sheep.


Price: $ 255 Price: $255
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Lighthouses Country Cats Folk Art Seasons
Three paned window with lighthouses, boats and birds flying overhead Three cats stand in front of bright cheery country homes, a church and a barn. Painted on an old six pane window in old yellow paint. An old one pane window with original hardware depicts colorful homes, the flag and sailboats
Price: $195 Price: $ 255


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Harbor Scene Vermont Covered Bridge Folk Art Seasons
Cheery attached houses look over a harbor  of colorful boats.   Old six paned window depicts a folk art scene of a covered bridge, cows, sheep and horses grazing in the pasture. An old four pane window with original paint depicts a season in each pane with watermelons, flags, quilts, sunflowers, and a snowman
Price: $255 Price: $ 255 Price: $255
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Patriotic Cow Country Roosters Country Cats
"The Patriotic Cow" stands behind the gate of the American flag with the barn in the background. Painted on an old barn window. Old six paned window with original chippy frame depicts reverse painting of two roosters with a country backdrop with sheep, barns at sunrise.
Great country scene on a large original historical window with 6 panes, with sunflowers, three posing cats, and a country scene with sheep, a barn, and a church to worship.


Price: $275.00

This was donated to the Franklin County Humane Society for their silent auction to raise funds.

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The Red Barn Frisco:A Tribute
Large old six pane window shows a wonderful red barn with the flag. Sheep holding the flag while quilts dry outside on a clothesline between two trees.
This reverse painting hangs in our inn. It was painted as a tribute to our horse Frisco who we lost on September 18th 2007. He loved apples so he finally has an abundance of apples in this picture. Inquire about Custom Window Art.


Not for Sale  

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CATS in the City Buck Hollow Barn
Large old three pane window shows colorful skyscrapers in the background. A billboard advertises "CATS", while cats congregate outside of homes, perched on garbage cans and peer out windows.
This folk art painting depicts the red barn outside our dining room window at Buck Hollow Farm. Horses are grazing in the pasture and in the distance trees have already turned deep fall colors. Beyond the trees lie the green mountains

Inquire about Custom Window Art.

Price: $275

Price: $275

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Please write, call, fax or email us with questions, prices or inquiries.

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The folk art of Gary Yost has won praise,  acclaim and smiles for more than two decades.  Irreverent,  humorous and sometimes outrageous, Gary’s work has been in the White House  (George Sr.),  the North Carolina Governor’s Mansion, the Smithsonian and numerous folk art museums.

For several years, Gary and I have had a long distance friendship and he sells me a large portion of his entire output.  Currently not in the best of health,  Gary can  produce only on a very limited basis.  

I am most pleased to  be able to obtain what few I can and make these available for  both Vermonter’s and our welcome visitors. Each piece is hand carved and painted from wood he finds on his frequent travels through the Florida woods and is initialed “GY”  on the back of the neck.


After looking at our site feel free to write, call, fax or email us with any further questions or to make reservations.          


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