Buck Hollow Pet Policies

We are pleased to be able to host both you and your pets. Pets are welcome in the Suite and in the Yellow Room ONLY. 
Nonetheless,  we hope you realize that in doing so,  we incur 
significantly increased expenses in cleaning,  laundry and dry 
cleaning as well as certain health risks.  Therefore we have 
implemented a few policies for the benefit of both guests and us as 
hosts. Please view our policies below. Thank you


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1) SHOTS: All pets must bring documentation that their shots are 
2) CRATES: We are willing to have owners leave their pets for a few 
hours while out.  However,  they  (the pets)  must be crated during 
those times.
3) BEDS: We cover all beds with hand made quilts,  some of which are 
antique.  Therefore guests are asked to keep pets off our beds at all 
times.  We do have doggie beds available at no charge.  Please ask.
4) DAMAGES: Our daily fee of $20.00 per pet will cover the ordinary expenses resulting  from having pets.  However,  in the event of expenses out of the  ordinary,  such as quilt dry cleaning when a pet has been on the  bed,  we reserve the right to impose additional costs.  We hope never 
to do so.
That's it.  Probably just common sense.  Thanks in advance for your 

Brad & Jacquie

After looking at our site feel free to write, call, fax or email us with any further questions or to make reservations.          


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