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 Inn at Buck Hollow Farm Newsletter*IMPORTANT OFFER* . Online Edition No.5 
March 2004 
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Dear Brad,




Monique Polak, travel writer for the Montreal Gazette, featured us on January 24 in a travel article centered on St. Albans. Thank you Monique.

This article followed on the heals of a New York Times piece on September 21.


We are delighted that a number of travel agents around the country have "discovered" us and have made us their prime recommendation to clients traveling to Vermont. We are most appreciative and grateful.

To those agents and the ones new to our newsletter, a reminder that we are "agent friendly" and honor, with thanks, (as well as promptness), your commission statements.


Between Feb 1 and March 31 we're offering a 3 for 2. Stay 3 nights and pay only for 2. That's a pretty good deal. Of course we can't combine it with AAA, Canadian at par, or other discounts and since this offer is limited only to folks on our mailing list, we ask that when reserving you please let us know that you're coming on the special.

Brad and Jacquie


In this issue

Sticky Bun French Toast

1/2 cup butter 1 cup packed brown sugar 2 tablespoons maple syrup 1/2 cup chopped walnuts 8 slices( 1 inch thick) challah bread 6 eggs 1 1/2 cups milk 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 teaspoon cinnamon


1) In a saucepan over medium heat, melt butter, sugar and maple syrup, for 2 minutes until thickened. Stir in nuts. Pour into a 9 x 13 inch baking dish. Arrange bread on top in one layer.

2) Whisk together eggs, milk, vanilla and cinnamon until blended. Pour over bread.

3) Bake uncovered in a preheated oven at 350 degrees F for 50-55 minutes, until golden on top and crispy around the edges. To serve, remove each slice with a spatula, and invert onto a plate. Makes 8 slices. 6-8 people.



Happy almost spring everyone.

Am I really that special ? Do I really deserve all of this ?

First Mom and Dad adopted me and gave me a great home, with lots of friends, guests and animal visitors.

Then they let me write a monthly column to all of you and are always hearing that "Isham's Corner" is their favorite part of the newsletter.

Next they had me reunited with my brother Gizmo.

Now, of all things, they've created an Isham travel mug which they sell to guests in addition to their fabulous ceramic mug. Well, it's not really an Isham mug. It's an Isham and Gizmo mug but no one has yet told Gizmo.

Almost every guest says they want to take me home. Now they can - with their own Isham (and Gizmo) travel mug and look at me whenever they sip their coffee while in the car. Actually they're pretty cool - Gizmo even has his tongue hanging out.

So come, visit, and take me home.


P.S. Hannah---I miss you........

Our Canadian Friends of Buck Hollow, Pamela, Art, Tammy, Mike, Justine, Stacey and Greg.


Thanks so much for the best vacation EVER. Your place is magic.
Janelle & Dave...2/8/04

Thank you so much for a truly relaxing stay- a much appreciated "home away from home"! The breakfast's are devastatingly good and the company (Isham/Gizmo etc. etc..) fabulous. We'll see you again soon!
Eric & Erika...1/24/04


For some time now,  Jacquie and I have wondered how we could create a program which could accomplish a number of marketing goals.  These include

1)   A way of encouraging past guests to return (BESIDES having had a great time while here)
2)   A way of encouraging these past guests to recommend us to others
3)   An additional way of thanking past guests for their recommendations.

We think we've found an answer with a program which does all of these things,  and provides a little fun as well.  

So here goes.

Our rewards program will provide any past guests a 10% discount on their next visit for any new guest who visits us as a result of the past's guest's recommendation.  This is cumulative for each referral.  Refer 10 guests who stay here and your next visit is free etc.  Since I have a "history" of each guest in my computer,  it is easy to keep track.  

So how will we know of the recommendation ?  Two ways.  The new guest can tell us that he/she was referred by you or you can print the little form on the new "rewards" link on our web site, ,  and ask your friend to give it to us when he/she arrives.  It's that simple.  We'll do the rest.

We've done a little test marketing of the idea on a number of recent visitors and they loved the idea,  so let's see how it goes.  The plan is in effect as of now,  so we look forward to seeing how this develops.

If you see any wrinkles in the plan or have additional ideas,  please feel free to let us know.

Brad and Jacquie


Mar. 1 - 31 
Burlington Irish Heritage Festival 
Burlington, Vermont 

Description: Annual celebration of Irish arts & culture. 
Location: All around Burlington and surrounding towns 

Mar. 5 - 7 
14th Annual St. Albans Rotary Home and Recreational 
St. Albans, Vermont 

Description: Home and recreational exhibits - more than 
60,000 square feet of exhibit area under one roof. 
Location: Collins-Perley Sports and Fitness Complex 
Address: Route 104-A, St. Albans, Vermont 

Mar. 7 
18th Annual Camel's Hump Challenge 
Huntington, Vermont 

Description: The 25K back country ski tour encircles 
one of VT's most dramatic mountains, Camel's Hump. 
Location: Camel's Hump Skiers Association 
Address: , Huntington, Vermont 

Mar. 17 - 28 
Play - Underneath the Lintel 
Burlington, Vermont 

Description: Vermont Stage Company presents this 
surprise Off-Broadway smash hit. 
Location: FlynnSpace 
Mar. 20 - 21 
Sugar on Snow 
South Burlington, Vermont 

Description: Help celebrate the arrival of spring and the 
new 2004 crop of maple syrup. 
Location: Dakin Farm

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