Online Edition No.39 April 2007
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GIZMO'S GOSSIP  Utah and Gizmo of Gixmo's Gossip

Hi again everyone.  Gizmo here.
I never imagined that last month's "woe is me letter" would bring  such a response.  It seems that many of you have also suffered  through forgotten or neglected milestones and were therefore hugely  sympathetic.  I can't even count the emails,  letters and calls.   Many were beautiful cards sent through the computer and the letters  were just wonderful.

BUT  !!! Is it possible that I contributed to my own  disappointment ?  Could it be that I just assumed that the whole  world knew I was born on Valentines day? Was this all just about me  and no thought of others? Perhaps this gives me some pet food for  thought.

Speaking of pet food (nice sequay).  I even received a wonderful box  of pet treats from the THREE DOG BAKERY in Kansas City.  These delicious fresh baked treats are the best  I've ever had and the most unusual looking as well. Imagine, a bakery just for dogs.  You can visit their store at Three Dog Bakery or call at 1-800-4TREATS. Thanks GUYS!!

Here's a photos which gives you just a glimpse.  Dog Cookies - Three Dog Bakery

Next month we'll have some interesting news about the inn,  so until  then thanks again for the many well wishes you sent  (finally).

GIZMO'S BELIEVE IT ..OR..NOT!! Dogs may not have as many taste buds as humans do (we have about 1,700 on our tongues, while humans have about 9,000), but that doesn't mean we're not discriminating eaters. We have over 200 million scent receptors in our noses (humans have only 5 million) so it's important that our food smells good and tastes good.

Love  Gizmo

Baklava Muffins Baklava Muffins

One thing to remember, don't over mix the batter! As with pancakes, the less beating the better, even if a few lumps or clumps are still in there. In my experience, they always cook out and it makes for a light and fluffy muffin. Tastes wonderful anyway!

1/2 cup walnuts, chopped
1/3 cup sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
3 tablespoons butter, melted

1 cup flour
7 tablespoons flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 cup sugar
1 large egg
3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
1 cup buttermilk
2 tablespoons buttermilk

1/2 cup honey

1. Preheat oven to 400F degrees. Mix all the filling ingredients together in a small bowl, set aside.
2. In a large bowl, mix dry ingredients together the flour, baking powder, baking soda and sugar. Mix the egg, melted butter and buttermilk together separately.
3. Make a well in the dry ingredients and gently  mix in the wet ingredients. Fill 12 muffin cups 1/3 full, add a scant tablespoon of filling, cover with more muffin mixture until 2/3 full. Sprinkle any remaining filling on top of the muffins. Bake for 20 minutes.
3. Put the muffins onto a rack to cool and drizzle with honey (it may be easier to drizzle the honey if it has been warmed first).

spring has sprung!!

Inn at Buck Hollow Farm


As we have previously written the Inn went wireless a couple years ago. Many of you have used this access to the WWW with your laptops and stayed in touch. We decided that wasn't enough, so you will now find the guest sun- room equipped with computer and printer giving you the ability to do the same without lugging your electronics with you. In the few weeks it's been available it already has had active use.

  Cirque du Soleil

We frequently bring Montreal events to your attention since Montreal is only a 90 minute drive and guests frequently make day trips to this international city. Appearing from April 14 to June 10 is the newest show of Cirque du Soleil. Since its inception in 1984, more than 23 million people from around the world have experienced a Cirque du Soleil™ production. On a typical weekend in 1999, some 50,000 people would have experienced one of its 8 productions, which are staged simultaneously on 3 continents. If you have never seen one of their shows we can only recommend that you make every effort to do so. They combine the very best and unique elements of dancing, acrobatics, tumbling and gymnastics to achieve routines you'd never believe possible. Check their website for information : Cirque du Soleil

 Also note, the hugely popular Vermont Quilt Festival is scheduled for June 29 - July 1, 2007. It is held at the Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Junction VT, a suburb of Burlington. There are displays, workshops, lectures, merchants mall, appraisals, kids classes, and award ceremony. If you want lodging on those dates, now is the time to get them. This festival fills most of the rooms in the Burlington area. For details, see Vermont Quilt Festival
Brad & Jacquie

VERMONT EVENTS  april 2007

International Migratory Bird Day - May 12, 2007 in Swanton Birdwatchers of all abilities are welcome and encouraged to participate in the annual bird count. Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge (29 Tabor Road) 802-868-4781  Web Site
Quilt Show Saint Albans Historical Museum - April 7, 2007 The Franklin County Quilters Guild will display new quilts at City Hall and St. Albans Historical Society along with the Old Stone House Museum will show antique quilts from their collections on the third floor of the historical society building at Church and Bishop streets. Time: 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Information: 802-527-7933.
14th Annual Vermont Antiquarian Spring Book Fair - Apr 15, 2007 in Burlington More than 30 dealers selling used, rare and antiquarian books and ephemera in all subjects. Sheraton Burlington (870 Williston Road) 9:30-4 pm. Admission. 802-527-7243 Web Site
2007 Vermont Home & Garden Show - April 20th, 21st, and 22nd 2007 in Essex Junction: The Vermont Home and Garden Show at the Champlain Valley is Back and it's Bigger and Better than ever. If your thinking of building or remodeling, this is the place to start. See over 400 exhibits. Watch how-to demos, and get advice from the experts. See the latest innovations in products and services designed to help you make the most of your Home and Garden. Web Site
41st Annual Vermont Maple Festival - Apr 27, 2007 through Apr 29, 2007 in St. Albans Parade, crafts, antiques, talent show, carnival, maple exhibits and more. Downtown 10-6 pm. Free. 802-524-5800 Web Site
Everything Equine Expo - Apr 28, 2007 through Apr 29, 2007 in Essex Junction -Something for everyone who loves horses. Seminars, trade shows, demos for all levels. A Top Ten Vermont Spring Event. Champlain Valley Exposition (105 Pearl Street) Admission. 802-878-5545 Web Site
Vermont Balloon and Music Festival - June 1,2,3, 2007 in Essex Junction Great concerts with Roomful of Blues and Felix Cavaleries’ Rascals are just two of the great family fun opportunities during the three-day weekend of hot-air ballooning, family entertainment and carnival fun at Champlain Valley Exposition in Essex Junction. Web Site

Winter Memories


Snowfall at Buck Hollow Farm

Just a  COLD reminder of winter with one of our recent pictures during this year of record snowfall.

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