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Hi again everyone.  Gizmo here.

No one asked,  but here's my top ten list of things I do when we have guests.

1) As soon as I hear a car slowing down to turn into the driveway,  I rush to the front to do my greeting thing. Of course I usually stand 
right in front of the car which makes Mom's hair stand on end.
2) I camp out by the sliding door from the Yellow room,  look cute and hope for treats.
3) I place my big furry face on a lap,  look soulful and hope for a treat.
4) I camp out under the table (trying not to be seen or else Mom locks me in another room) and hope for messy eaters.
5) I lead guests on tours of our 400 acres,  always being careful not to let them get out of sight.  Don't want any getting lost.
6) I play quietly with guest dogs,  unlike my brother Utah who plays with so much energy that he wears out both himself and the guest dog.
7) I pose for photos with anyone who asks.  After all,  you never know when one may end up in the hands of a Hollywood producer.
8) When guests arrive late (after we're asleep- having left written instructions for the late arrivals) I bark as loudly as possible so 
Mom and Dad will know the arrivals are here.  They're most appreciative of this information.

That's it.  Hey,  I'm just a dog.  Who said I could count to 10.
Love Gizmo.

St. Joseph's Oratory

 Mont Royal breathtakingly beautiful, a must for any visit to Montreal! Only 90 minutes from Buck Hollow Farm.

St Joseph’s Oratory is a landmark in Montreal, its imposing dome on the northwest flank of Mont Royal is visible for miles. This Oratory is a famous pilgrimage site, despite only being completed in 1967, attracting over two million visitors and pilgrims each year. It was founded by Brother Andre, a beloved monk who was known as the miracle-worker of Mount Royal because of his healing abilities. When he died on January 6, 1937, a million people filed before his coffin. He was beautified by Pope Jean Paul II on May 23, 1982. He is recognized and loved throughout the world by millions of people.

Work began on the basilica after his death in 1937. Its dome is the second largest in the world, being 318ft (97m) high; it is second only to St Peter’s in Rome. The Oratory's carillon is made up of 56 bells and were originally cast for the Eiffel Tower in Paris; the Oratory acquired them in 1956. Visitors can climb the 283 steps from street level to the basilica's portico for beautiful vistas over the city.

Website:; Opening time: Daily 7.30am to 9pm



The first Mother-Daughter Play shop at Buck Hollow Farm was a big success!  Four mothers and 6 daughters (ages 8-11) enjoyed theater games, a scavenger hunt, storytelling, a dress-up dance party and Jacquie's phenomenal food for a weekend. 
 Participants said: "It had  all the elements-fun, relaxation, and a little thinking outside the 
box." "Great idea!"  "You'll never be bored." 
Email facilitator Gail Schwartz at to be on the list for the next one 
(planning already in process).  

Thinking of signing up?  Participants 
say:  "Do it!"  "Hurry, before it's full!"

It's officially maple sugaring season at Buck Hollow Farm. Vermont's maple trees herald the sounds of a new season, drip by drip. The maples are responding to nature anVermont Maple Sugaring, Vermont Maple Producersd the sap has begun to flow. So in just a few short weeks, guests will be able to savor our fresh crop of maple syrup. The warm sunny days followed by crisp cool nights will make for a longer sap run and a better maple sugaring season. The Vermont maple season can sometimes last into April.

Vermont is America's leading maple producing state. Upwards of 350,000 gallons of maple syrup is produced here each year.

Brad & Jacquie

"Baked oatmeal Casserole

Maple Nut Fudge

2 cups    maple syrup  
1/2 cup    chopped nuts  
1 Tbs    butter  
1. Boil syrup to 236 degrees. Remove from heat and place in a pan of cold water. Cool to room temperature. Stir vigorously until color begins to change, then add nuts. Pour into well-buttered 8" or 10" square pan. Cut fudge into squares while warm.


Vermont Maple Festival, April 28-30- St. Albans, VT  This annual celebration of the Vermont maple harvest includes maple exhibits, food contests, antique and craft shows, fiddlers show, talent contest, Vermont specialty foods show, pancake breakfasts, a carnival and huge parade. Web Site

Everything Equine & Horses, April 29-30, Essex Jct, Champlain Valley Fairgrounds
A weekend for the horse enthusiast featuring seminars, hands-on demonstrations, 4-H exhibitions in the ring, horse show and trade floor featuring the latest equine equipment, feed, accessories and training techniques. Something for everyone from the newcomer to experts. Web Site


Stars on Ice-April 23rd
This year’s show features a very special return of one of the most beloved skaters in Canadian history, Elvis Stojko. Stojko, who won two Olympic silver medals, joins another of Canada’s greatest skating legends, Kurt Browning, as they team up with one of the country’s brightest hopes for the upcoming Winter Olympics, Jeffrey Buttle. Also returning to the show will be Olympic gold medalists Jamie Salé and David Pelletier.
 Call (514) 790-1245 for more information.

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