Online Edition No.63 January 2011  
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Enough is Enough! 

Hi Everyone. Gizmo here.

When is enough, enough. As the cold days of winter descend,  I always put on my philosopher's hat as I scrunch as close to the wood stove as I can.  This allows me to ponder some of life's most important mysteries.  So I ask again - when is enough enough.  I guess that really depends on what we're talking about.  For instance

  1.  Last year I thought we had enough cats.  Nay Nay !
  2. Back when,  I thought one dog (me) was enough.  Nay Nay !  Utah arrived.
  3.  I thought mom and dad had made enough improvements to the property.  Nay Nay !  New windows,  more siding,  solar panels,  more landscaping,  rebuild pool house,  new guest sunroom furniture,  new mattresses.  The list goes on.
  4.  Almost every day I hear mom and dad say Utah and I have had enough treats.  I say Nay Nay. 
  5. Kids who come here as guests love to spend hours with me.  I sometimes hear their parents asking if they have had enough and I say Nay Nay. 
  6. Every few months I hear mom ask dad if they've waited long enough to bring me to the groomer.  I bark "Nay Nay". 
  7. Finally,  people ask if I've written enough of these columns.  I say Nay Nay !

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Bircher Muesli

Bircher Muesli

Bircher Muesli is an excellent way to start your day. There are many different dietary requirements these days, but Bircher muesli can be easily adapted to suit most of these: vegan, raw food or gluten free diets. It takes only a few minutes to prepare and can be easily adapted to suit different tastes or dietary requirements. The oats are soaked, preferably overnight, in either milk or water. The soaking is an important step as the liquid helps to break down the phytic acid coating the outside of the raw grain. It also activates the germination process in the oats, making it is easier to absorb the nutrients that are locked in the grain. It is full of health-giving raw foods like seeds, nuts, fruit and honey. Unlike toasted muesli or granola that is often laden with oils and fats, fresh Bircher muesli leaves people feeling satisfied but light, and not in needing to eat again until lunch.

1/2 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup milk, soy, almond or rice milk
1/2 grated apple
1/2 cup fresh or dried fruit
2 tablespoons honey, agave nectar or maple syrup
1/4 - 1/2 cup chopped nuts or seeds
juice of half a lemon or orange

1 * The measurements included here are not vitally important and can and should be adapted. Experiment with this basic formula, adding things or leaving them out as you see fit. The recipe says to leave the oats soaking overnight. Soaking for half an hour in the morning works fine too, but overnight is the best.

2. Take ½ C of rolled oats. Place in a bowl and cover with about ¼ C of milk or water. Leave this to soak overnight in the fridge, covering the bowl with cling wrap to avoid fridge smells.

3. In the morning, the oats will look puffed up and will have absorbed the water or milk. Halve an apple and grate it over the oats, skin and juice included. Cut up any other fresh fruit, aiming for variety of color. Strawberries, grapes, melon and banana are particularly yummy. Dried fruit such as sultanas, chopped apricots, raisins, cranberries or chopped dates can be sprinkled on top as well.

4. Add a ¼ C of chopped nuts and seeds, such as walnuts, almonds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. Traditional Bircher muesli includes the juice of half a lemon. This can be substituted with the juice of half an orange for something sweeter, or left out completely. Finally add your flavoring. A teaspoon or two of honey or maple syrup, a sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg, or a tablespoon of flaxseed oil are all optional toppings. Mix up the muesli and its ready to eat.




Another Winter Special!! 

Buck Hollow Farm


So you don't enjoy winter? The season can be long and cold. Instead of daydreaming of warmer weather you could think of all the positives that the winter season has to offer. For instance you may want to find fun ways to enjoy the outdoors. Vermont has endless opportunities to get involved in outdoor winter activity. And our winter special will help you save some money doing it.

From now through April 30th we are offering a Midweek Special that can save you 50% when your stay includes two weeknights. Just some activities to explore are snowshoeing (we provide complimentary snowshoes), cross country skiing ( miles of groomed trails onsite), skiing & snowboarding ( 30 minutes to Smuggler's Notch), snowmobiling  (we are part of the VAST Network of Trails (Vermont Association of Snow Travelers)

Do you like to just look at the snow? You can do that to in our glass enclosed sunroom where you can sit in front of a roaring fire and nestle in with that book you've been meaning to read. We also have satellite television, wireless internet and a library of books and board games, and a year round outdoor hot tub.

Worried about travelling in the winter? Vermonters are prepared for any winter condition and are renowned for keeping roadways clear. Don't feel like venturing out once you're here? You can eat in and use the guest refrigerator, microwave etc or order a meal off our menu. We offer various homemade pizza or pasta options (if Jacquie is available).

 I forgot to mention (as a furry body rubs up against my leg)....Gizmo our dog loves to take guests for walks on our trails to the sugarhouse and if you see Morris our resident moose you'll get a gallon of maple syrup. How can you say no to that?

Announcement:  Next month's newsletter will have information on a Vegetarian/Vegan Cooking School Weekend. Whether you're curious, or just thinking about making healthier choices. Plan on having fun and preparing and eating delicious food. Did you know that if all Americans went meatless for just one day a week that would be equivalent to taking 20 million sedans off the road. If you have questions contact me. Jacquie

Brad & Jacquie

 Maple Sugaring


3rd Annual Maple Sugar Weekend
(Friday March 11 - March 13th) - Over the years we’ve fielded thousands of questions from guests fascinated about the production of maple syrup on our sugar bush.  Many have wandered down to the sugarhouse “in season” and spent time with Bill Fairchild (our neighbor,  friend and sugar maker) as he goes through the production process.
Since last year's event was a resounding success we have decided to schedule this years “sugar weekend” for Friday March 11 through Sunday March 13th. Reserve for those two nights and we will include  a guided tour of the sugar house with Bill on Saturday afternoon and then head back to the inn for hot refreshments and a warm fire. Bill will join us for dinner on Saturday night ( homemade lasagna, garden salad, fresh baked bread, homemade maple ice cream)  when he will expand upon the history and stories about and the art of Vermont sugar making.  The dinner and breakfast menus will of course have a distinct “maple” flavor.  The cost will be the regular room rate plus $ 20/person to cover dinner,  the tour and Bill’s time.
Here’s your chance to learn all you ever wanted (and perhaps more) about the ancient art of making maple sugar.  The weekend has been marked off on our on line calendar so you will need to call or email to reserve your spot. Reservations need to be made no later than March 1. Open rooms, if any will be unblocked at that time. Email Now to Reserve


 Valentine's Day Special

 Valentine's Special - Dinner For Two and Fondue Too! (Friday February 11th - February 12thth) - Enjoy Valentines Weekend at Buck Hollow Farm and we'll throw  romantic  dinner (and fondue too). Stay Friday and Saturday February 11 and 12 and we'll be pleased to provide Saturday night dinner in front of the fire. That will include a pasta entree, salad, wine, and finished with chocolate fondue for desert and another surprise waiting in your room. All for a package price of $ 250.00 plus tax per couple. Space obviously is limited so call soon. See you then.

 Email Now to Reserve

  Valentine's Day countdown banner

VERMONT EVENTS  February 2011

Burlington Winter Festival - February 5 Burlington Join a celebration of winter fun at the Burlington Winter Festival! Vermont's own sanctioned Snow Carving Competition and "Ice Walk" on the Church Street Marketplace. Teams compete to represent Vermont in the National Snow Sculpting Competition in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Local artist create sculptures out of ice in front of Church Street businesses. Take a stroll down Church Street and see them at work. Sculptures lighted for night viewing. The Penguin Plunge sponsored by Special Olympics Vermont takes place at 11am on the Waterfront on this same day.
2011 Vermont Flower Show- March 4th- 6th in Essex:  “Sweet Dreams”, the 2011 Vermont Flower Show, offers three days of spring the first weekend in March. Take a fantastical Medieval-inspired journey filled with flowers and fragrance. Walk through the woods, take in some magic, visit the castle, and dart through the rain reliving your childhood memories of fantasy and imagination. The garden is a mystical creation featuring the work of many artisans working with steel, stone, plants and water. Be delighted, be inspired, be enchanted!
UNDERNEATH THE LINTEL - March 9-20 Burlington When a Dutch librarian finds a book returned 123 years overdue, his curiosity transforms him from a mild-mannered civil servant into a globe-trotting detective. As his search leads him around the world and into surprising revelations of a long-forgotten past, he ultimately discovers what can only be described as a miracle. VSC Artistic Director Mark Nash returns to the stage in this quirky and charming "twisty mystery of a tale."
Great Ice in Grand Isle and the F-f-f-frozen Chosen! Feb. 5th -13 North Hero -Great Ice in Grand Isle celebrates the great frozen Lake Champlain and all the great things you can do on it. Ice-fishing, skating, golf and the F-f-f-frozen Chosen - a bike race on ice - are just some of the very fun events. Dress warmly and come prepared to have a very good time. For bike race details call 372-4161.
13th Annual Franklin County Quilt Show-  April 2-3rd in St. Albans: Over 100 quilts on display, viewers choice awards and Mayor's Award, vendors, silent auction, demonstrations, door prize and raffle. FREE admission and handicap accessible.  
45th Annual Vermont Maple Festival - April 15th-17th in St. Albans: "It's Always Sweeter in Vermont in the Spring!" A Top Ten Event. (On 4/24/1994, at the 38th Vermont Maple Festival Act H868 was signed into law making Maple the OFFICIAL FLAVOR OF VERMONT.) When sugaring’s over, it’s time for Maple Fun! Something for Everyone–much cost free. Sugarhouse Tours Exhibits Maple Buffet Entertainment Pancake Breakfasts Crafts Antiques Talent & Fiddlers Shows Cooking Contests Carnival Face painting Grand Parade Pretty Park for Picnics Delightful Downtown Shops!
Magic Hat Mardi Gras - March 4th-6th in Burlington: Intriguing float designs stroll up Church Street to the sounds of rock bands and brass orchestras. Authentic Louisiana Moonpies, Lake Champlain Chocolates, and bead necklaces. A wonderful way to break up winter - guaranteed to be a colorful parade. 2011 marks the 16th year of this amazing event.