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Holly Year 2003-"According to Isham"
      A Canine Tail


Dear Brad,

As Christmas draws near, as does the New Year,
I thought that I'd bark some holiday cheer.
Along with some hope and holiday wishes,
I hope you'll enjoy those holiday dishes.

Mom and Dad are soon to be wed.
Will they still let me sleep on their queen sized bed ?
Till now there has always been plenty of space,
for me to both sleep and to lick a close face.

With Jacquie the inn has only got better,
I now have my space in their monthly newsletter.
She's funny and pretty, she loves to cook,
And has even published her own little book.

The year began with two dogs and three cats,
two horses, two kids and dad's goofy hats.
Since then we added both Jacquie and Tundra,
her cat who's so heavy you just have to wundra.

Let's not forget Vegas, who came as a kitten,
as small as a button and cute as a mitten.
He's always in trouble, I just have to say,
jumping and leaping every which way.

And then there is Gizmo, my full blooded brother,
who is both my friend, and significant other.
Given up after birth, we were given away,
Till Dad did find him, so he added another.

But now please excuse me, so I can be sad,
something did happen which really is bad.
Our Chelsea has passed, it just isn't fair,
We woke up one morning, she died on her chair.

She was always so good, so happy and sweet,
playful and peaceful, the first one to greet.
Whenever we walked or went off the farm,
I would watch and be careful she came to no harm.

Our manager Brenda, who is always here,
keeps everything flowing, she's such a dear.
She does oh so much, always the giver,
she once even brought me a small bag of liver.

I can't wait for Dad's wedding on New Year's Eve,
as I know there'll be food, they'll just have to leave.
I saw Jacquie's dress and the rest of her clothes,
but it's all a secret I can not disclose.

Your New Year I hope will be good and happy,
with plenty of pets to sit on you lappy.
And if you come here, as I so hope you do,
it's ok with me if you bring a dog too.


The entire Buck Hollow family is happy to join Isham in extending to all of you our best for a wonderful holiday and peaceful New Year.

Brad, Jacquie, Kate, Mark, Brenda, Gizmo, Boston, Vegas, Devil, Rascal, AND TWO TON Tundra.



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