Inn at Buck Hollow Farm Newsletter Online Edition No.18
April 2005

It's just plain sweeter here in Vermont! And that is especially true during maple sugaring season. Vermont's maple trees herald the sounds of a new season, drip by drip. The maples are responding to nature and the sap begins to flow. This annual event happens late February (in far southern Vermont) or sometimes in March - the exact date varies but any sugar maker will tell you - the warm sunny days followed by crisp cool nights will make for a longer sap run and a better maple sugaring season. Vermont is America's leading maple producing state. Upwards of 350,000 gallons of maple syrup is produced here each year. The 39th Vermont Maple Sugar Festival takes place April 22nd to 24th. While you're here you can also take a tour of our sugar house.

Or why not plan a day trip to Montreal? Beginning this month we've added a list of activities for this great city and it's only 90 minutes from the Inn. We'll provide you with everything you need, maps, tourist information etc. 

In this issue
  • Antique Lovers Weekend
  • Brad & Jacquie's Kitchen
  • Isham's Corner
  • What's Happening in MONTREAL?

Brad & Jacquie's Kitchen

Banana Stuffed French Toast

18 slices cinnamon bread
2 8 oz cream cheese (soft)
3 ripe bananas-mashed
1/2 cup heavy cream

cup maple syrup
Mixture of cinnamon and sugar for sprinkling

1 Grease or spray a 13 X 9 inch pan. Mix the cream cheese and add the banana to it. Arrange a layer of bread slices on the bottom of the pan. Spread each piece with a generous layer of cream cheese mixture. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Place another piece of bread on top of each slice and spread another layer of cream cheese mixture on each slice, repeat the cinnamon sugar step. Cover each piece with a third slice of bread.
2 In a large bowl, mix the eggs, cream and syrup and pour over the bread. If it floats push the bread down to immerse in liquid. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.
3 Remove from refrigerator 30 minutes before baking. Bake uncovered in preheated 350 oven for 45 minutes or until golden and puffy. Sprinkle with confectioners sugar and serve.  Servings: 6

Isham's Corner

Well, I'M BAAACK - AND BETTER THAN EVER. I still can't understand why my proposed column failed to meet their so called "high" standards of journalism. Anyhow, that's all in the past.

Notice however the total lack of popular groundswell to have me "Pipped" in favor of Gizmo. His desperate pleas for support were totally ignored by you, clearly discerning readers. My insights, humor and unique canine view of the world (or at least 400 acres of it) leave subscribers clamoring for more. I will continue as always to meet and exceed your high expectations.

I hope you will respond to the "Antique Lover's Weekend". If so, I have a number of archaeological treasures of historical significance, dug up by me which I can share with you. Prehistoric (prior to my history) bones, a spoon, a 20th century toy, fountain pen and a plastic cup are just a few examples of what we can discuss and price.

See you then.

Love Isham



"Your Inn has always been a very special place to visit and it has brought us many good memories, but this time it was extra special. Greg took me to the top of Smuggler's Notch and asked me to be his wife..of course the answer was YES. We've had a wonderful time here and you will always be a part of our life together." Stacey and Greg



39th Annual Vermont Maple Festival- April 22-24th

In celebrating Vermont's world-renowned maple harvest, the City of St. Albans plays host to the Vermont Maple Festival, featuring numerous events, including maple product exhibits, pancake breakfasts, New England craft exhibits, antique shows and markets, a specialty foods show, maple candy-making demonstrations, a variety of concessions, carnival rides, and a huge parade, all in honor of maple syrup.

We are excited to offer an antique lover's weekend to our subscribers. Combine a chance to visit Vermont (in decent weather), learn more about antiques and perhaps discover unexpected value in that inheritance from Grandma which has been in the attic for the last 20 years.

Scheduled for the weekend of Saturday April 30th, the weekend will include dinner at the inn with Tom Cross, a well experienced dealer (plus Brad), a chance to have him discuss and appraise your item(s) and a group visit to his shop where he will provide a guided tour so that, with his inventory as examples, you can discuss the factors that create value (or lack thereof). Both the tour and dinner will be on Saturday, leaving plenty of time for you to plan whatever.

Other than the normal room charges, we are providing dinner and the antique experience for the modest charge of $ 20.00 per room for the weekend. We hope you will find this an interesting event. In order to maximize the number of guests who are part of the special, we will not accept reservations from others before April 15th. When reserving, please let us know that you're part of the weekend.

Oh, please feel free to either bring items you would like appraised, or bring photos.

We look forward to hosting you.


Montreal Life is a Festival
All year and every year, Montréal hosts over 40 festivals ranging from the traditional to the wildly avant-garde. Jazz, laughter, food and snow are just four of the many reasons Montrealers take to the streets, theatres and clubs, and party for weeks on end. In April there are over 65 events and so we have listed only a select few.
Andre Bocelli
4/9/2005 - 4/9/2005

LOCATION- Bell Centre

Beauty and the Beast
4/19/2005 - 5/1/2005

Montréal premiere. A Broadway musical for the entire family, Disney's Beauty and the Beast is an eye-popping spectacle with dazzling production numbers and special effects. $55 to $89.50 (Canadian)
Montreal International Literary Festival
3/30/2005 - 4/3/2005
Daring, multilingual and open to the world, Blue Metropolis brings together more than 200 participants from all over the world for five days of literary events in English, French, Spanish and other languages.
Admission: $5. Passports: 6 for $25 or 12 for $48
Cirque 2005 – Cirque du Soleil
4/21/2005 - 6/19/2005

Temporarily named Cirque 2005 and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca, the show explores the world of dreams, a dimension somewhere between heaven and earth. $50 to $90 (Canadian)


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