Special Education and Disability Resources Compiled by Ann Lipsitt Special Educator Browns River Middle School 20 River Road * Jericho, Vermont 05465 alipsitt@sover.net Ann.Lipsitt@cesu.k12.vt.us
Created for Educators and Families living in the Chittenden East Supervisory District (However, other folks are welcome, too!) This page was first created on January 9, 1998. I keep updating it, so keep checking it out! (Last updated on January 18, 2003)

This page is prepared by Ann Lipsitt, a special educator at Browns River Middle School in Underhill, Vermont. My goal is to collect links to other web sites which may be useful to others who want:
  • to learn more about a variety of learning differences
  • to locate resources for families and persons with learning differences
  • to locate resources for educators and service providers
  • to make connections with people with a variety of learning differences

Links are organized into categories which will hopefully make it easier for you to locate topics of interest. I am annotating the list as I add new sites so that it will be easier to determine if you would be interested in visiting that site.

Here's an article that I wrote which was published in The Brown University Child and Adolescent Behavior Letter, volume 14, number 2 (February, 1998).

A Teacher's View: Inclusion Has Helped Everyone Involved

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If you want to do your own web search on a particular topic, I suggest using Google. Click here Google to get there! Then, follow the directions on that page for a word or topic search. It's quite easy!

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I welcome comments and suggestions. Click on my highlighted address to send me a message or a comment: alipsitt@sover.net I would particularly like to get suggestions for other web sites or categories which might be useful to include on this resource page.

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